Fatigue and ice cream

FATIGUE! and ice cream

I don’t know what I’m doing. My mind has gone blank and I’m stuck at work on this quiet Sunday. Quiet days are usually good, and I can still be proactive, but something is lacking today. I’m usually keen to do as much as possible, now I’m staring at this phone looking at the same boring Facebook, the same boring weather forecast, the same boring bank balance.

I’m feeling heaps lethargic, too, so I can’t really be bothered doing anything. I just want to sleep. My day feels like that Weezer song, Run Over By A Truck. Actually, my whole weekend does. Even yesterday I needed a nap. And I sort of had one. Just as the Zs were kicking in I was woken with a “We need to go for a walk!”



I feel better now. On Sunday I was so run down, no motivation, didn’t want to do anything but sleep. Then once bedtime arrived, I was tossing and turning, wide awake. Ugh. But I’ve had various sleeps and naps since, and feel pretty good considering I’ve had minimal caffeine. Maybe it’s because I’m excited to have the stitches finally removed tomorrow. I kinda lied about the number of stitches I got, it was 9. To be fair, I glanced at it for a second once he finished stitching me up two weeks ago, and the other day could have a quick squiz at it when they changed the dressing. Plus take a photo.


Have some of Band Aid’s finest to place on it tomorrow when it’s stitch-free, and also Bio Oil which they say helps reduce scarring. Tell that to Misa-chan! She’s using it like it’s a four dollar moisturiser, applying it liberally on herself. It cost me around thirty dollars, I need it for me and my scars, sweetheart!

I think we had some ice cream on Sunday afternoon, hence the and ice cream in the title of this post. Maybe it was on Saturday. Whatever the day, it wasn’t real ice cream, some of that dairy-free stuff they sell now. Coconut milk, I think. But it was pretty tasty anyway, sort of like Nutella-flavour.

Tokyo Treat

Good news, my Tokyo Treat box just arrived. I might cancel the subscription, though. This is my second box and I really enjoy Japanese sweets – spesh the limited edition ones – but it’s costing me around $60 delivered, and many of the sweets are of the ¥10 variety. The whole box is worth maybe $12AUD and I pay $35USD + postage.

When we return to Japan, there’s a lolly shop at Marinoa City that sells cheap lollies, and last time I forked out about $10 for a huge bag worth. We’re aiming for 40kg of luggage, each, and I want at least half of mine to be lollies, chips and drinks, y’know, the good stuff. The other 20kg can be clothes, Scandal CDs and whatever else fits.

Well, I’ve got more work to do, time to hit the Publish button. Have an awesome day/night!