Flying to Japan 2022

I’m going on a holiday. So much for me to do.

? I’m going on a holiday,
maybe just me and you.

So we’re going to Japan next year. Like, we’ve bought tickets and all, and submit the passport renewal application (with horrible, police mugshot-like photo. Guilty!).

Jetstar finally announced this week their international sale, and checking the sale website brought up Bali, Bali, Phuket, Bali, Phuket, Fiji, Singapore, Bali, Bali, Tokyo, Fiji, Phuket… Hang on. Tokyo? Is this real? Excitement set in, screen shots were sent to Misa-chan and when I raced home from work we booked our flights, did a happy dance and started the COVID-19 restrictions research.

Oh no!

With today’s rules, when we arrive we can go to a quarantine for two weeks or get private travel to Misa’s home. No bus, no train, no connecting flight, no taxi. But we can rent a car and drive, which in theory is good, but the drive is about 1200km. Hire car plus petrol plus toll roads is going to be super-expensive, but it’s better than staying in a shoe box for two weeks.

The government is also going to check in numerous times a day, so we have to submit our temperature, and let them know we’re feeling okay. Plus they’ll do daily video calls, and use GPS to track our location. I don’t know how this’ll go if we’re driving and they call – we’re not home, not at hotel quarantine. I’m hoping the rules relax a little by then. I’m fine with the COVID PCR test before departure and after arrival, but not two weeks in a tiny room, not when we’ve both had our vaccinations. Isn’t that the point of the vaccinations, anyway?

But if it turns out that we’re driving, we arrive at 6pm (if we arrive on time) and with the COVID test results taking up to 2 hours, we could be outside after 8pm (when the car rental shop closes), spending the next 12 hours waiting for them to open. I don’t know about you, but I’m not the best at driving when I haven’t slept for over 30 hours. The last time I did that was when I went to Singapore. I did a graveyard shift at work, no sleep when I got home at 7am (that’s twelve hours awake already), and 3am the next morning (up to 32 hours now) drove two hours to the Gold Coast airport. Stayed awake all plane ride, checked into the hotel, placed head on my pillow (Now pushing around 48 hours awake)… wide awake.

I doubt it’ll be that bad, but I’ll definitely need lots of Red Bull, Monster, Pizza Potato chips and gummy lollies.

So yeah, we’re kinda going to Japan next year. Please please please make quarantine go away!