Mami Scratched

Apologies to Mami

What a horrible week this has been! First our trip to Japan is placed in doubt, then on Wednesday morning I scraped Mami across a concrete post in the car park at work – the same car park I’ve parked in over 2000 times! The moment I heard the ggrrzzzhhkkkk sound of metal on concrete my heart sank, with an “awww noooooooo” let out.

Jumping right out I was greeted with this:

Mami Scratched

The inch wide piece of body panel between the door and wheel is creased, but you can’t really see it in the picture. I’m so annoyed! Argghhh! I’ve always pride myself on never having a crash, never making an insurance claim, and this is what I didn’t want, or need, two weeks out from Christmas.

The worst part was that an inch over and I’d have missed it. Just. But still, I would have missed it.

Mami Scratched
Just grazed the edge of the concrete post

On the plus side, if you could call it that, if I turned a fraction earlier I’d have taken out a Mercedes.

I lodged a claim right away – approved – and was given a call with instructions, visiting the panel beater (hopefully not panel bogger) yesterday on the way to work. Their location suuuuucks, with a hidden driveway on a corner, so I kinda missed it, and take 2 today made it to have the quote done. But they were closed for the day, thank you very much panel beater staff Christmas party.

I’m thinking I have to go on Monday for this quote.

I’ve given Mami a good wash today, also vacuum, and she’s looking nice and clean. I was able to buff out a teensy bit of scratch, but really that was unnecessary as it’s going to be painted over, anyway. I wonder if they can paint the bonnet while they’re at it; those stone chips are looking terrible.

I can’t wait to have Mami looking nice and new again, rockin’ for another six years.

Mami Sasazaki

Sooo, how was your week?