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Words from the Japanese Consulate

Adding to the previous post, we received some mail from the Japanese Consulate regarding entry to Japan. If you’re also stressed about whether or not you can travel (for family, health reasons), I hope this helps.

Misa-chan asked the Consulate if a spouse visa was needed for me for our 7 week visit to see family, and their response was:







* 現在全ての外国国籍の方は、再入国者(中長期の査証を既に持っている方)の場合を除き、入国前に査証の申請が必要です。
* 生憎新型コロナウイルス感染症の影響により、査証審査に通常より時間を要することもございます。そのため、希望出発日までに査証交付をお約束する事は出来ませんので、予めご了承下さいませ。
* 査証申請が受理されても、生憎発給許可につきましては審査されその結果次第となりますので、査証交付をお約束する事はできません。
* また審査の段階で何度か追加書類を求められる事もございます。

Google Translate says:

Thank you for contacting us today.

Due to the impact of this new coronavirus infection, visa issuance is restricted worldwide, and as a general rule, visa applications can only be accepted by those who have “special circumstances” in principle.

In order to strengthen border measures for Omicron strains, even if you are a “Japanese spouse” at the moment, apply for a visa only for “special circumstances that require humanitarian consideration (those who need to visit Japan within this year”. It can be accepted, but if the border measures are relaxed from next year, the ministry will contact you regarding the required documents to be submitted at that time (necessary due to the influence of this new coronavirus infection). Documents are subject to change without notice).

If you can accept a visa application for a short-term stay for the purpose of visiting relatives living in Japan, you will be able to check it on our website (currently suspended), so we are very sorry. We would appreciate it if you could check the website of the museum or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on a regular basis.

Consulate General of Japan in Brisbane: www.brisbane.au.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_en/visa_visa_short.html.

For your reference, the required documents before the visa application is suspended are as follows (please note that it may be changed again from here).

Thank you for your understanding in advance.
* Currently, all foreign nationals are required to apply for a visa before entering Japan, except for re-entry persons (those who already have a medium- to long-term visa).
* Due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, it may take longer than usual to review the visa. Therefore, please note that we cannot promise to issue a visa by the desired departure date.
* Even if the visa application is accepted, we cannot promise to issue a visa because the permission to issue a visa will be examined and it will depend on the result.
* In addition, you may be asked for additional documents several times during the examination stage.

In addition, they gave us this information for pre-Omicron travel to Japan, mostly in English. Yay!

IMPORTANT NOTES (Information from the Central Government of Japan):
Once we receive your visa application, we will forward your documents to the Consul and Central Government of Japan and they will determine whether your situation is deemed as special circumstances to issue your visa to enter Japan now or not. Whether it will be granted or not, will depend on them, therefore, please note that there is NO GUARANTEE that the visas can be issued. Also, it will take some time to receive the result, so we cannot guarantee that we will receive result of your application by your preferred date of arrival to Japan.
*Unfortunately, after the long examination by Central Government of Japan, they may reject your visa application*

Visa Application:
*Additional documents may be required if necessary.
*Documents submitted with the application will not be returned (except passport and certificate of eligibility)
*Each applicant (including children) must prepare separate documents.
*Visa fees vary. We will advise you at the time of application.
*If the applicant (including child) is unable to visit our office, please kindly advise us before you come to our office. We will advise you extra documents to submit.

Required Documents:
*We cannot print out the documents for you. Please kindly print out all the documents you have already sent to us by email.*
1. Applicant’s original (no copies) valid passport (Australia)
2. One completed visa application form (All sections must be completed. If a question does not apply to you please write “N/A”). Signature must be original and exactly same as in your passport (No digital signatures are accepted)
3. Recent passport sized photograph (taken within the last 6 months / either 4.5cmx3.5cm or 4.5cmx4.5cm)
4. Schedule of Stay (添付の形式をご利用ください。隔離につきましても明記してください)
5. Applicant’s Financial Capability
Your savings and investment account details covering the most recent 3 months of transaction records up to the day of your application, including the current balance, current address and your full name
* Current balance must show sufficient funds for the trip to Japan
* Transaction lists printed out from online are acceptable as long as they show the above information
6. Letter of invitation from your family/relative in Japan (日本在住のご家族・ご親族からの招へい理由書)
7. Letter of guarantee from your family/relative in Japan (日本在住のご家族・ご親族からの身元保証書)
8. Proof of Residence in Japan of your family/relative (日本在住のご家族・ご親族の住民票)
9. Spouse’s Family Register issued within 3 months of date of application
10. Your Marriage Certificate to proof the relationship between you and your spouse issued by Australian Government
11. Copy of your spouse’s passport (配偶者のパスポートの写し)
12. Please provide a letter of reason if you are required to go to Japan urgently

Only for those who are not an Australian citizen
13. Valid Australian visa details hardcopy (printed VEVO document)

Please Note:
1. The result for the visa will take some time to issue and therefore the pick up date is unknown. We will contact you once your visa is ready for collection.
2. A flight is NOT required to be booked to apply for this letter however details such as departure date (of Australia), flight number, (air)port of entry are required for the application form so please look into what is available. Should you not take that  flight or the details change, that is fine.
3. From December 26th 2020, any foreign national (regardless of visa status) is required to obtain a PCR (COVID-19) test done within 72hours prior to their departure. However this is only to be organised once you receive the results of your visa application. This  information can be found at the link below.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan: https://www.mofa.go.jp/ca/fna/page25e_000334.html
4. Upon arrival, it is requested, for the time being to pledge to refrain from using public transportation for 14 days, quarantine at home or other designated areas for the remaining period of 14 days, retain the location data, and provide the location data to the health centers or other institutions, if requested. This information (Submission of Written Pledge) can be found at the link of https://www.brisbane.au.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_en/pcrtestingEnglish.html
5. Persons entering or returning to Japan must submit a questionnaire before you arrive. This information can be found at the link ofhttps://www.brisbane.au.emb-japan.go.jp/downloads/questionnaireENG.pdf
6. Please note that an appointment is not required to submit a visa application however, please double check our office holidays as we are closed for Australian public holidays as well as several Japanese public holidays.

領事班 後藤
Consulate General of Japan