The Hungry Games

We began another diet earlier this month. I know, I know, those Ippeichan and UFO noodles bought last week aren’t really the best foods to eat if you’re trying to lose weight, so much so they’re gathering dust in the cupboard while we eat healthier. I usually try to diet once a year to lose the weight gained over the colder months, and usually give up after a few days.

My weight has been hovering between 89-91kg for the past two years, a high 25/low 26 BMI, with the occasional dip (or rise), and toward the end of last year it crept into the 92s. Time for change. I’ve since cut out chocolate and potato chips from the shopping list, and no longer drench my lunch and dinner in aioli & shredded cheese, and I’m also having Apple Cider Vinegar first thing in the morning, last thing before bed.

I forget the brand we had, but it was good, and quickly ran out. There was also some older bottle of Braggs in the cupboard we found, hiding at the back with expiry date scratched off, and we have just finished that one off, too. It tasted a little like honey, but there was no mention of honey on the label. And it was darker than usual ACV, so most likely it was expired.

I’ve just bought another bottle this afternoon, that should keep us going for a few more weeks.

BRAGG Apple Cider Vinegar

In the past ten days I’ve managed to lose 3.5kg. It’s quite a quick weight loss, and from experience that means it’ll be a quick weight gain. I hope not. I’m still walking around 6-8km a day, breaking out a sweat (even though I can do that sitting on the couch, because this Queensland summer is super-humid!) but most importantly, eating better. Another meal we have about 3 days a week is Misa-chan’s Miso soup. It’s like regular Miso soup but with potato, sweet potato and pumpkin.

My meals are smaller, I’ve cut one meal a day out, I don’t eat within 4 hours of bedtime, I have a small breakfast an hour or 2 after waking… I think all these things are working to drop those extra kilos around my belly. I don’t really have a goal weight, but between 82-85kg would be great, spesh if I can maintain that.

Health Mate Screenshot
Not Included: Today’s 0.4kg Drop

I don’t miss the sweet chocolatey snacks, the chips, Pizza Shapes and Domino’s Pizza too much, so it’s not all bad. Also, I’m saving a bit of money because I’m not spending $5/day on snacks on the drive to work. Looking in the elevator mirror at work I can notice a slight reduction in the size of my belly.

I look forward to the day where it can be flat again. A six pack and muscles doesn’t interest me (I’d need to get a tan if I wanted to show it off), I’m just wanting to work on my health, keep diabetes and heart disease away, and live as long a life as I possibly can. I love life, it’s a great thing. I wish I could live forever and a day.