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Diet? What Diet?

So we kinda went to Brisbane on Friday to visit the Van Gogh Alive exhibit and it was really good. It was down in Hamilton, Brisbane, and as much as I hate driving around Brisbane because the roads are too confusing, this was an easy-ish drive. I got to try out my Sony ZV-1, finally, but the photos here are from my phone (I don’t have the camera with me right now).

Van Gogh Alive

We got there around 11:30am and hung about until 1pm, before heading over the Chermside (Misa-chan needed to pick up something the department stores they didn’t sell closer to home) and then we went to Genki Mart for more Japanese goodies.

Van Gogh Alive

It was while we were at Chermside that hunger set in and I couldn’t handle it any more. I needed lunch, and settled on KFC. But they had Hot n’ Spicy back, and I needed it. And the small chips were too small, so I just had to have a large.

Half way through the Colonel’s finest I was full. But I powered on, feeling so sick in the end, so full. I didn’t eat for the rest of the day, and when we arrived home I miraculously hadn’t put on any weight since the morning weigh in. Oh yeah! But those two cans of Strong Zero I got from Genki Mart? Instant kilo.

The next morning I went back to the Apple Cider Vinegar and I had lunch instead of skipping it, just a chicken sandwich wrap, but that was too much. There’s another kilo gained. My body takes forever to lose weight, but gains it back in a day.

I’ve since continued with the ACV first thing each morning and last thing before bed, and have now almost got back down to the pre-KFC weight. I’ve a 4 day weekend coming up and weekend’s are my achilles heel. All my hard work and effort is lost on weekends, even when my eating habits don’t change. It’s a real strange one. The main thing is I resist Kentucky Fried, McDonalds and whatever else that’s full of fat, grease and sugar, and continue with the ACV each day. It’s really good stuff.

I’m feeling pretty good now, especially after not being able to get out of bed this morning. I slept mostly from 10pm til 1pm today, with a little time awake. I was exhausted, couldn’t function. It’s not COVID or anything, I hope, I feel perfectly normal otherwise.

Well, my dinner break at work is pretty much over now, I best get back to doing stuff.