Shane Warne Memorial

Vale Shane Warne

It was like a joke. A horrible, unbelievable, ludicrous joke. Shane Warne has passed away. Seriously? It’s not April Fool’s Day, you jerk. But sadly, it was true. Like everyone, I’ve been touched by celebrity passings (I really miss Mac Miller and Bowie). But Warnie? It was like damn. You’re joking, right? Really? No way. Nope. Not even funny, asshole.

I’d been a fan of Warnie since the early ’90s, and met him once at VFL Park when the Bulldogs beat St Kilda in 1994 and he happily posed for a photo outside the change rooms, with an onya-like wink. I was able to get the photo autographed in 1996 at a one-dayer at the MCG. But it’s gone, along with the photo of 16 year old me with ponytail smiling with Chris Grant and Danny Southern from the Western Bulldogs.

(All these photos, and tons more, went missing in the great move from Melbourne to Maroochydore, 2007)

Last night’s event was special, and when watching down he’d have loved every moment of it. I had a big smile of joy on my face until Shane’s son and daughters made their speech. It really hit me. Hard. All I have in my life is Misa-chan. What if I pass away at a young age? How will she survive? Will my family and friends be there for her? Does she know I love her so deeply? We don’t have kids, but what if we did? I won’t see my children grow. I won’t see my grandkids.

Turn on the water works.

With emotions running high and tears pouring down my face, I made a pledge to myself to tell Misa-chan every day for the rest of my life that I’m in love with her, that I’ll always be there for her, to protect and provide for her, that she’s forever in my heart.

It sounds heaps cheesy, but I’m 44 next week. I’m not young anymore. I’m 20 years from retirement. The past 20 years have flown. It feels like I’ll be retiring tomorrow. I want to have her in my life ’til the day I pass away. I looked everywhere for my first 40 years for her to come into my life, we’re gonna be together forever (no Rick Astley song here). We’ve plans for the next 30-40 years, I can’t leave her. Not now.

For the record I hate hate hate the word dead. Passing/passed away is so much nicer; there’s more dignity involved with passing away than just dying. Whenever I leave this Earth, please tell everyone that I’ve passed away, not died. That’s one of my wishes.

When I eventually pass away, I’d like to be cremated, with half of my ashes spread over the Melbourne Airport Aircraft Viewing Area car park (Sunbury Rd) as that was the place I went when stressed, frustrated, and hating life when I lived in Melbourne. Watching the planes fly over to land was a great stress relief, and made me feel good time and time again.

The other half of my ashes I want to be kept with Misa-chan and be buried/spread with her when she passes. She’s the most beautiful person, with a wonderful heart and soul and I’ll love her until forever, reuniting in heaven to do it all again for all eternity.