It’s Melbourne Formula 1 time! The second practice finished moments ago, and for some reason my iTunes has started playing some fart recordings. Weird. Farting aside, I’ve just signed up for a Kayo trial which I think will be zapped before trial ends (or when the F1 is over on Sunday). Channel 10 is showing a watered down version of the race with ads and whatnot, the Foxtel I have a login for is only for the iPad, and I wanna make use off 55 inches of Sony 4K goodness that’s a metre away from me.

Speaking of the F1, I just invested $79 in a bottle of some Shiraz wine with Daniel Ricciardo’s name on it. It was an impulse buy, probably because I’ve had a few strong bourbons.

Anyway, WordPress has been cracking the sads recently, with something clashing. First I was unable to see any images, and after disabling a plugin it seemed to be sweet. Two weeks later, I tried to do a new post and things went crazy. I couldn’t set a feature image. When clicking the button, instead of a popup to select the image, it skewed to the left with half the screen missing, with no scrolling left or right, up or down. Basically frozen. Weird. Then trying to customise the blog, nothing. It was another blank page,

I was able to back up this blog, delete it, reinstall a blank version and restore from backup and that’s currently working a treat. Whew. There’s been a lot of effort setting this blog up, with theme editing and whatnot.I’m glad it was working again after a lot of hair pulling moments.

I have beard now. Like, a real beard. I’ve had stubble for the past 7 years, and now I haven’t trimmed it since early Feb. It still looks dodge (patchy) in some parts, but I’m still okay with it.

Gary Beard Team America
A carbon copy of my beard-growing skills

Not much else is happening in my life, other than private things about work and private life. Everything is good, the stress levels are finally coming down, I’m relaxing, we have a new air fryer bought yesterday (purchase of the year so far!) and in my belly is some of the finest 15% alcohol bourbon cans money can buy (also some of the shite-est). That definitely explains the Daniel Ricciardo wine thing. I don’t drink wine, especially red. Ewww.

Anyway, I should be home from work on Sunday by lap 15 of the F1, I sure hope Max Verstappen wins (with Daniel Ricciardo second, and Lewis Hamilton out of the points).