It’s 4:15pm on this fine Friday afternoon (Actually, it’s heaps overcast and heavy rain is due) and I’m full of Wild Boar bourbon (the 15% cans) and Parker Lewis DVDs. It’s been ages since I watched Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. I bought the DVDs way back (not season 3 which was terrible) and today after the first can decided to fish the DVDs out of storage. Also found a VHS tape, too.

Parker Lewis DVD

I recorded it from the telly around 3-4am back in 1992 on Channel 9, on long play, so my tape has 6 hours of ad-free Parker Lewis. I’m sure I’ve got another tape somewhere, but I can’t find it (I’ve had 2 mega-strong bourbon cans now). I have House Party 2 on VHS, too.

Parker Lewis VHS

There’s a bit of mould on the VHS tape (and on a bunch of other tapes I have in the basement) and I think my VHS player won’t play it without a bunch of snow. That hurts. I’ve a Mr Bungle interview on tape that aired on Foxtel in 1996 and I haven’t seen it on YouTube or anything since. I’m certain that tape is full-o-mould, too.

And to continue from last post, the mould is getting worse and worse. We’re a week from Winter yet it’s still late Summer weather. 19 degrees at night, 85% humidity, too hot to sleep… It sucks. We can’t buy them dehumidifier tubs from $2 shops as they’re all sold out. Real/electrical dehumidifiers are non-existent, kinda like toilet paper and hand sanitiser in March 2020 and stock isn’t due for another two months. Hopefully by then the humidity is gone, and the perfect blue sky I love about the Sunshine Coast is back by then. It’s been full on cloudy 90% of the time since last November, would be nice to see some sunshine soon. And feel some low humidity single-digit temperatures.

Regarding Japan, it’s looking more promising. Limited tourism has just opened, and fingers crossed it extends to independent tourism very soon. I’ve just ordered a wide angle lens for my camera (it should hopefully zero out the lens stability feature) and one day I’ll be able to invest in a new MacBook Pro to play with video recorded on Sony’s finest.

Wish me luck!