First of all, thank you Winter for your welcome return. I was getting a little worried you’d gone forever, but you’re back! Now don’t go anywhere. Those 3 degree mornings were a bit hard to get out of bed, but those sunrises for the past two weeks have been epic.

Second, I’ve been in Queensland for 15 years now. Fourteen of those at the same job where I’ve been dying for holidays. In fact, in two days I’ll be on holidays, my first real break in three years. I’ve been feeling rundown, exhausted, fatigued for the past 6 months, so it’s well overdue. But now I’m thinking I might have COVID. So close to two weeks of relaxing may be replaced with a week of hurt. Or worse.

Dude at work’s family were positive earlier in the week, yesterday when I arrived he sounded terrible. Took a RAT and it was positive. I’ve been wearing a mask everywhere and sanitising like crazy, so it’s a shock that I may be affected. The past few hours my throat has started to feel, I dunno, a little rough. I’m stuck between taking a RAT and going shopping first for non-perishables to last a week.

One Week Later

It was a worry about nothing. I woke the next day feeling fine, and a RAT confirmed that. Whew. Bullet dodged. I didn’t end up going shopping. but I probably should have. Just in case. Worst case scenario is an esky full of food I can snack on.

And now, we’re a week on and I’m currently on day 5 of 15 of annual leave. FINALLY! I’m having a great rest, doing nothing except for lots of relaxing. I feel good, almost refreshed.