Back from Holidays

My holidays are over and I returned to work earlier this week. It’s 4:30am and I’m at work because the night guy resigned. I haven’t done a graveyard shift in three years (to the day, says Facebook Memories) but even with a new system it was relatively easy. Only 90 minutes to complete everything, I don’t know why the others say it takes hours to do.

I’m ready for bed because I could only manage a very light three hour sleep yesterday.

I woke to the horrible news that Abe Shinzo had been shot and taken to hospital. We were watching NHK live when the news came of his passing. This is very sad.

My next 3 days will be spent relaxing because I feel exhausted again. I was feeling great towards the end of my holidays and after the first day back my back was aching again. It’s definitely this chair doing it. I spent the next day on my feet most of the day and my back was fine.

Next week I’ll be going to another property for 6 weeks, swapping with their manager. It’ll be a challenging experience I reckon as they’re 9 times bigger than us. So crazy.

And my throat is sore, as well as the bit between the nose and throat. It’s kinda scratchy. Here we go again! The RAT says negative, so I’ll just get rest, have some Panadol and Difflam to reduce the pain. Ugh. At least I’m COVID-free (for now).

Aww man, I’m struggling to keep awake. There’s a can of Monster waiting for me but I know if I drink it I won’t sleep today. And if I take sleeping pills with Monster that could bring on the panic attacks. I haven’t had one of those since 2012, and I won’t complain if I never have one ever again. The most horrible feeling I’ve ever experienced. It lingered for 4 days. They should last minutes. So I’ve been caffeine-free since 10:30pm and that should be enough. I’ve got juice to get me through the next two hours.

When I get home I’ll try to make a feature image. It’s too hard on the phone without Photoshop.