October - Egashira 2:50


Hi. I’m back. I haven’t gone anywhere, just the usual busy busy busy life with minimal free time. When I minimal free time, I’m talking about the time off work I’m not spending with Misa-chan, going to Brisbane and watching YouTube. Speaking of which, Misa-chan now works with me! She’s in a different department, and I’m hoping she enjoys it. It’s a physical job, but deep down it’ll be good for her.

We finally go to Japan next year, too, with the flight up purchased. We are able to fly from our local airport down to Sydney, up to Singapore and across to Japan – landing in Misa’s local airport, flying with Singapore Airlines. No more one to 2 hour drive to Brisbane/Gold Coast to fly to Cairns, Tokyo and then over to Kyushu (after 12 hours waiting in Narita Airport). It means we only have two 4 hours transfers, in airports with a decent departure lounge (Cairns Airport only has a duty-free store and a coffee shop).

We’re starting to make a list of places to see, places to take obaachan, restaurants and cafes to dine at. I’m super-keen for some yummy cakes and sweets, even if I do pile on the kilos.

We still need to buy flights home, but with some credit from previous cancelled flights, mixed with frequent flyer points, we should be able to get a good flight home with all the extras; maxed out luggage, exit row seats, or possibly business class (if we can get a good deal).

Aside from that, everything is going sweet. The two kilos I gained at the new workplace looks to have finally been shed, and the back pain I’ve felt for the past 4 weeks is all gone. And I sold my iPhone after replacing it with a an iPhone 14 Pro. I’m still going to keep my Sony ZV-1 for photo and video, but I’m still happy with the upgrade.

And I got my Egashira 2:50 / EGA Channel t-shirt in the post from Japan recently. So cool!