Sleepy Cover


I’m tired. It’s 3:10am and I’m at work when I should be fast alseep. I tried to have a sleep yesterday before I came to this graveyard shift, but all I could manage was 90 minutes of Z’s. There’s just under four hours to go, and very little work to do. I kinda smashed it out as quick as possible in case there were any issues during the night, but so far it’s all gone smooth, and only a few things I haven’t been able to complete (because of lack of training). They said as long as I ran the end of day procedures, it’s all that matters, and I ran those procedures, completed reports and everything. But yeah, just a few small things they can do next week.

I have to work tonight, too. Can’t wait for it to be over, I have Sunday and Monday off.

So I bought a new CarPlay head unit. I’ve never installed a car stereo before because it looks to daunting, but this one came with a wiring harness and I wouldn’t have to do any joining wires or soldering, just a few plugs clicked into one another and it’s done. It came with various harnesses and leads… except for the reverse camera. Ugh. I believe the one I need I can buy in Caloundra, but that’s gonna be a pain to go to on Sunday when I’m even more tired. Monday the shop may be closed, with the King’s Birthday and all.

I also bought a new backpack, from Mark Ryden. Their website says they ship within 1-2 days after purchase and five days later mine still says processing. I do have tracking for something, says Australia Post, but Mark Ryden hasn’t updated. My guess is they’re slow, I’m not waiting on anything else other than some records due to be released in late-October. This backpack looks the goods, is waterproof, and should hold everything I need when we head on jack to Japan. Just four months to go! Wheee!

I’ve been killing it in Duolingo lately. I need to pull my finger out and learn Japanese. I’ve been trying for so long and got lazy. Like, why learn it when my wife can do everything for me? Nope! Just like I’m not expected to do everything for her, she shouldn’t have to communicate for me. I need to get out of my comfort zone, speak Japanese no matter how rubbish and wrong I am, and learn from my mistakes.

Three and a half hours to go ’til home time, best I go some more exercises and get in the top 5 in Duolingo.