Dieselhed are one of my favourite bands from the mid-90s. I still listen to them regularly, as well as their solo projects and other bands’ music. Anyway, back in the day they had their website before they disbanded around 2000-2001. The website died, so too a one of my favourite websites. A few years ago I went to have a look at their website and it had been taken over by a page of spam links to dental products. Waiting for the domain registration to expire, it’d be renewed for another year of spam.

Until last May. I had a look and it was available to register. So I registered it and set about bringing Dieselhed back.

I set up a WordPress blog and used the Fukusawa theme which is really good, really simple, while making small edits to the theme. I found some good PSD mockups for cassettes, records and CD covers and re-scanned all my albums.

Chico and the Flute album art Dieselhed

I don’t know how, or why, but I remember the website address of their 1996-era website, and looking at it on the Wayback Machine brought back a ton of information, plus photos and artwork (albeit very tiny) I could use. Their 1999-2001 website could also be access, with even more info. I was able to gather the best bits, use waifu2X to enlarge the images with minimal image quality loss (some were 360 x 240 pixel transparent GIFs, not that they could be totally salvaged).

With their logo, I retraced it on my iPad, and copied it over to my computer. Within 2 weeks, I had a pretty decent website made. I’ve since done some SEO stuff, everything I can really to get it to the top of Google, but y’know, Dieselehd aren’t that well known a band so not many peopole are searching for them. I think they played some bars and small music festivals in USA back in the ’90s, and their drummer also played drums in Mr Bungle. I like them because their music is so good, so well written. They all play multiple roles in the band, and multipole instruments (drums and trumpet at the same time!) Their lyrics are like a John Swartzwelder novel in the way they are fun, hook you in from the start, they tell a story, keep you entertained and project images into your mind.

Anyway, if you’re keen to have a look, please check out Dieselhed.com. It’s just a small project for me that I hope fans and the band will see, enjoy and appreciate.