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Sleepy Christmas

I’m exhausted. Fatigued. Drained. Both mentally and physically. I’ve only been back at work for 8 months since we returned from our epic two month visit to Japan, yet my body is screaming out for another break. I was so ready for a nice, quiet Christmas that was full of ZZZs today but the heat and humidity is hard to sleep in and I woke after 6 hours of sleep. Our air con died three weeks ago and the repair man saw the unit had rusted off the wall of our apartment complex, shearing the pipe that the refrigerant gas passes through and brings coolness to our place. So he says he can’t repair/replace it ’til after Christmas.

Today is Christmas, I think they should call soon to organise a time to install a new unit because we’re melting in the 80% humidity and 29 degree heat. We have a dehumidifier, but that heats up the room while taking the moisture out, so it’s pretty much the same. And the refreshing cold showers don’t last that long once I’ve left the bathroom.

I should really start thinking of the positives, like how our electricity bill will be lower. Well, it’ll already be 50% higher than last year – thanks to profiteering energy suppliers – but it’ll a little less than it could potentially be if we did have the air con running.

Mr Bungle Osaka Namba Ticket Ranging Wrath of Japan 2024

Another positive is that my mother in law purchased me a ticket to Mr Bungle for Christmas. Yep, I’ll be going to see the Raging Wrath of Japan 2024 in Osaka! It will be my 6th time seeing Mr Bungle live, but my first time seeing the metal version. I’m hoping to meet Trey again as I’ve met and chat to him in 1997, 1998, 2000 and 2007. I do prefer the classic Mr Bungle, like everyone else, but it’ll still be good. And I get to go to Osaka again. We’ve booked accommodation, but are yet to decide how to get back to Fukuoka. The overnight bus is more expensive than usual, and for $50 more we can travel by Shinkansen  – and save up to 10 hours of mundane travel with minimal sleep.

My Christmas shift at work is almost over now, so I’ll begin preparing for home time. I’m sorry I’ve been lazy with the updates lately. I’m not getting much free time to write these days.