I’m so mad right now. This past week has been absolutely crap at work, and tonight it’s just driven me insane. I was kneeling by my chair, almost in tears.

You see, last week the new guy was due to come in for his shift at 11pm. Comes in at 1:15am. And who has to faff about for two hours, not knowing if he was coming in. Me.

Now, the place has fallen apart since the weekend, with water outages, power outages, TV system outages… and then at 5:30 today… “I’m sick. I can’t come in.”

So, again… guess who’s the bunny who has to stay back and do a 16 HOUR SHIFT! Yes, stupid me. This sucks. It really sucks. I spoke to my GM and said I won’t be in on Friday – I can’t get over a 16 hour graveyard shift in less than two days – and was told to cover the shift.


So sick of this. I can’t handle it. Every day it’s something new and I’m the only one that suffers. I’m ready to punch the wall, but I know that’s not gonna be practical or fix anything.

So there’s less than 6 hours to go, I smashed out everything and am now just bumming around while listening to The Mighty Challenge on ABC. I hope these six hours go quick, and that I can safely make it home.