Night Owl

It’s just gone 1:15am and I’m doing the night audit once again. I didn’t sign up for this when I took on this role. I knew I’d have to do the odd shifts, but not two weeks of it – plus the double shifts when people are sick.

It was never a problem until I returned from holidays in mid-March. Come back to work and two auditors have resigned, three department heads, both full time staff have gone casual and one of the two new auditors has gone on leave… after working less than 10 shifts. I get that it was planned, but the dude worked for two weeks, come in late on shift, had a week off sick, then goes on leave for four weeks. That leave was known when he was hired (I don’t do the hiring around here), but still, it sucks. Add to that the upgrades to the computers IT installed, work is proving to be one big headache. Like, everything freezes. Not Responding. It’s difficult to open Word or Excel, or print a spreadheet or PDF because it can take 5 minutes to open the document and/or to print. Total rubbish.

Misa-chan and I are still on the look for motel couple management roles. I think it would be great to manage a motel.

Anyway, I want to be more positive because stress is only going to make things worse. So what’s some good things that have happened in my life lately?

  • I got Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet on vinyl, plus the Bad Medicine & Born To Be My Baby 7″ singles. I had the two singles many years ago, but after many house moves they’d gone missing from my collection. I reckon one of my brothers has them in his record collection.
  • Other records I’ve purchaed are Supergroove’s Traction and the Judgment Night soundtrack. I still don’t have a record player, but I’ve found one that sounds good, going by the reviews. Just need to save some money first.
  • Last week I bought a carpet shampoo machine for the car. I gave the seats and carpets a good clean and there was 11 years of dirt (and melted chocolate bar) that come out.
  • I found the Roswell DVD box set in the garage. It went missing a year ago, and I was so close to buying another copy, and I’m glad I didn’t, as it was in a bag in the garage.

I’m still trying to play with Capcut to edit/create videos, but I can’t do it, not with the lack of video I have. A real bummer, as I thought I recorded a lot when we were away. In reality, it wasn’t that much. And the video from my Sony ZV-1 is pretty terrible, compared to the phone. It’s all jumpy, and the stability was on the highest setting. Even the Sony Catalyst Browse software hardly improves it. So disappointing.  It’s okay if the camera is fixed, but that’s not the point of a vlogging camera. Maybe it’s time to sell it?

Going back to good things and staying positive, I’ve got a 3-day weekend coming up. I really kicked up a stink about having to cover the graveyard shifts and have minimal time to recover, so I’m using some time in lieu I’ve had saved up from last Christmas. No idea what Lisa-chan and I’ll do, or where we’ll go, but I want to be productive and also recuperate, maybe record some video to play around with. There aren’t many vlogs from Sunshine Coast locals, maybe this can be my niche?