Pixar Putt

Daily Update 21440


I’m doing my last afternoon shift for a while right now, and have a some free time to do my own things. It’s pretty quiet at work right now that the school holidays and long weekend are over. Not sure what it is that makes air conditioners and electrical appliances fail on long weekends, but I had two air cons and a dishwasher die on me in three hours on Saturday morning. Then another air con on Sunday. Fun times.

Misa and I are now onto the research thing for our trip, and continuing to hope we don’t need to quarantine upon arrival. With Queensland making every returned traveller go to hotel quarantine until the state reaches 90% “double vaccinated” status, I wonder what happens if we never get there. What if we get to 85% and it stops? Will those coming to Queensland in 2023 still need to quarantine? Who’d want to come here when other states have already opened (at 80%)? The government will have to open up one day, and fingers crossed, this coronavirus won’t go out of control. We’ve had it relatively good during the pandemic, with less cases in 20 months than one October day in Melbourne.

We also need to run a few errands when in Japan, like doctor, optometrist, dentist and everything else health-related. Me? I just want to see the sakura and do some car shopping. Not a whole car, just car parts, though when we eventually move there I’ll need something fun to get around in, maybe a kei van or Corolla or something.

Also on the Japan shopping list is snacks, drinks and sightseeing. I’ve got myself a new Sony ZV-1 camera which should/will be better than using the iPhone like last time. It was on special with a bonus shooting grip and about $60 in JB HiFi vouchers. I’ve got SD cards and a charger/extra battery ready to buy, and am tossing up on whether to buy a Røde or Sony microphone. Both look good, but have a slightly different purpose. Both will sound better than the inbuilt microphone. I’ve never done video editing before, it will give me something to keep entertained when we arrive home.

Those new 14” MacBook Pros also look like a worthy investment, but I think it’ll be a 2022 purchase. As much as I need it – yet another reminder that my main computer is an 11 year old MacBook Pro – Misa won’t let me. I’ll get it somehow, just you wait.

It’s best I go back and do some work. Just three hours to go!

Originally drafted 02/11/21, but posted 19/11/21.