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Blogging On Angel Dust

How’s your day? Hope you’ve been going well. My day (and week) has been pretty sweet.

It’s been 29 years but I’ve fiiiiinally been able to track down a Faith No More Angel Dust t-shirt. Memories are coming back from when we went to get one but the store at Knox City ordered in a different FNM shirt for me. I’ve owned a good 15 FNM shirts over the years, but this one has always eluded me. Someone must’ve been looking out for me last week when I was browsing eBay. Even better was the promo code to score an extra $10 off. Nice.

The postie delivered it this morning and I’ve been wearing it on this couch since, in the heat and humidity. I want to go out for a drive while Misa-chan is chatting with grandma, but there’s nowhere to go. COVID is hard to avoid. My town and the neighbouring one have a population of 5000, yet there’s 200+ current COVID infections, about 4% of the population. I really don’t want it. People at work are starting to get it, I’m wearing a mask for 8 hours, even when alone, I’m sanitising like crazy (and washing my hands properly with soap and water, not just squirts of alcohol gel the entire time). It’s starting to become a matter of when we’ll get it, not if.

But Misa-chan and I are prepared. She doesn’t know it, but I’ve stocked up an esky in the garage with a ton of non-perishable foods, the kinds everyone else is stocking up on. Also, crackers and chips. And health items, like soap and sanitary pads. I also bought some more Japanese noodles (Ippeichan brand – めっちゃおいしい!), BOSS Coffee, Kirin Milk Tea, Calbee Pizza Potato (chips), other noodles and some Meiji chocolate.

We also went to Fuji Mart in Brisbane and bough more Japanese treats. So if we were to get COVID, heaven forbid, we’d be pretty set. I also have some Butter Menthols for when we get a sore throat (and have school friends come over with a fake cough, because they want one) and Panadol. But I’ve had lots of Panadol here, anyway. I’ve bought it for years, not just now, as Nurofen doesn’t like me. Hives galore!

Japanese Noodles
Ippeichan, UFO, Teriyaki Mayo noodles etc.

But anyway, if you want some awesome Japanese foods delivered cheaply and quickly (a day and a half from ordering to delivery) give Travel Japan Market Place a visit. It’s not an affiliate link, I don’t get $$, I just recommend their service. They don’t sell alcohol, but, and a few of their goodies are out of stock (but not half as bad as the Coles meat department).

I’ve also been also to source some spare parts for Mami, and will fit them in due time. These are the parts which broke (door locks, numberplate lights) and I got them from a local guy who’s stripping his car down. The headlight globe also blew last week, and was impossible to remove. Cut my fingers up pretty good, and the Toyota mechanic also had trouble; took him FIVE MINUTES to remove. It’s a light globe, just twist and pull, says the manual. But it wasn’t to be. Anyway, my headlight globe has been replaced and I can see at night again.

And yeah, I have an Angel Dust t-shirt. It’s my favourite album of all time, the best album ever. And I’m ever so pleased that I finally can wear it.