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Just A Daydream in the Sunday Park

I have an online store. It began as a learning exercise, because I was getting frustrated at giving things away on Facebook Marketplace. You think it’d be easy to give something away, but it’s not.

“A free mattress? Nice! Can I come over Tuesday at 2pm? See you then.” turned out to be a message at 4pm. “Sorry, I’m held up at work, can I come tomorrow? Do you have any tie down cables? So how will I hold down the mattress on my roof?”

So I got the domain registered – another one named after a song I like – Sunday Park, by Yen Town Band, my first SSL, a great WooCommerce theme and an account with Square for payments. It’s currently a tiny store, with minimal items for sale (actually, no items for sale. I’ve put a hold on all orders ’til I get things sorted, but you can still see them all on the website). I’ve sold some records on there which was a surprise, but the Australia Post postage calculator screwed things up and the customer paid $15 for postage. To USA. I had to pay Australia Post $40. Ugh. But it all worked without a hitch otherwise. There was on record I had for sale, but decided to keep it in the end.

I also had some t-shirt designs made up with a print to order service from Printful. I did a sample purchase and it came out sweet, too. The parcel came with shipping updates and my logo on the invoice. Nice.

All the product images I had were photos of the real items photoshopped into other situations. I thought it was better than having the same boring, generic image you see on every online store. Like this! Scandal would never make it onto Jimmy Fallon!

Scandal Jimmy Fallon

Then about a year ago I decided to put it on hold. It was fun to do, and I learnt a lot. I kept the site up because it’s a reminder of something I put a lot of time into, learning so much as I went along.

Yesterday, Misa-chan brought out some old clothes she’s thinking of getting rid of. They’re in great condition and look nice, they’re just ten years old. I’m thinking it might be time to revive ol’ Sunday Park and sell some vintage clothes, and maybe I can pull out those old CDs gathering dust and see if anybody is after something that’s missing from their collection. Just need some time to get the photos done.

If you want to have a look, check out I might have restarted it between now and when you click!