Get a load of this guy

Get A Load Of This Guy

Just a heads up that this might take a little to load because of the animated gifs. Apologies for the cover image – it seemed funny at the time.

Anyway, we’ve been seeing doctors about our fertility and looking for treatments. We’re wanting to have a baby, but we’re in the middle stages of our lives where it’s physically possible, though a tad difficult.

Well, for me I’m thinking that if Mick Jagger can have more children in his 70s, I should be able to have one in my mid-40s. Sadly, it isn’t always possible for the ladies when they get to their 40s.

Misa-chan has had numerous blood tests, visits to the radiography, and given some medicines for hormone and thyroid treatment and all that. So far the medicines are working as intended

Then on my birthday a few weeks ago we got every wannabe parents dream – two lines in the pregnancy test. Yes, we did it! It was the ultimate birthday gift.

Sadly, it was not to be.

Two days later Misa-chan felt unwell in the belly, her temperature had dropped and we discovered she’d had a miscarriage. We made a trip to the hospital for their help and had a few more tests done, confirming our fears.

We’ve consulted local fertility clinics and the word is we’d need to bring in test results for both of us, which meant I’d have to wank into a plastic jar to test my fertility. Fun times.

Flanders Wank

So I made the donation on Friday, then had to race through super-heavy traffic on a road I’ve never experienced even mild traffic before, and we’re now awaiting the results.

I’m hoping it’s good, but at the same time we need some answers. If we’re both capable of producing a child, are we just incompatible? If one of us is having fertility issues, can it be treated easily? At what point do we give up and adopt a kitten?

Selma Sperm in a Cup

I think it’d be great to have a baby. We already have a name for a girl, though finding a decent boy’s name is proving to be impossible. We’re ready for it, but there’s still some things that give me the willies, like poopy nappies, crying, sleepless nights… y’know, the irrelevant thing that lasts a year or so.

Anyway, fingers crossed we get some closure this week when the results are in.

Update 29/04: My test results came back fine. Everything was in the normal range. And the cholesterol, diabetes and testosterone blood test results were also good (I didn’t faint this time, either!). It’s making us wonder what’s wrong, but I’m thinking it’s the age thing. We know we’re both physically capable of producing a child, multiple tests prove this scientifically, it’s just the uncertainty as to why it’s not happening. Maybe our bits aren’t compatible? Whatever the reason, it’s good to know neither of us has a health issue or needs supplements or medication to move into the normal range.